Relax Payday is not a moneylender and does not make advances or credit choices. Relax Payday merely gives a connecting service and is not a delegate, operator, or correspondent for any specialist organization or lender. You are under no compulsion to use Relax Payday’s service to contact with, fill credit from, or accept any loan offer from any service provider or lender. This service is not available in all states.

Relax Payday doesn't charge any fee for submitting a loan request. Relax Payday is not a loan giver and does not lend money. In light of the data you submit, Relax Payday will look through its huge network of approved money lenders keeping in mind the end goal to connect you with a loan provider that might have the capacity to serve your requirements.

In the event that your loan request is acknowledged by a loan provider, you will be diverted to an e-signature page on the moneylender's site. All expenses and rate data charged by the moneylender ought to be disclosed to you around then. You should thoroughly understand the charges and rate information given by the money lender before consenting to the terms of the credit or signing any official records. You are under no commitment to acknowledge the terms.

In the event that you decide that the advance terms given by the lender are satisfactory and wish to continue, you may e-signature the record proving your concurrence with those terms. After signing, you will go into a lawfully binding contract with the loan provider and will be in charge of all risk related to the agreement. Your legally binding commitments are to the loan providers, and not to Relax Payday. The loan cost and loan fees you consent to are set exclusively by the moneylender and not Relax Payday.

Relax Payday does not ensure that your advance request will be accepted by an approved lender or other specialist organization. In case that you are offered a loan, Relax Payday does not ensure that the charges and rates will be adequate to you or that your advance will be subsidized. All choices relating to your loan are the moneylenders' choices, not Relax Payday's.